Dr. Ross Blundell, PhD

Current member of the Scientific Advisory Committee

BSc (Pharmacy) University of Manchester, UK
PhD (Pharmacy) University of Manchester, UK

Ross has over 18 years experience in pharmaceutical industry particularly in the development of oral and sterile injection formulations from proof of concept to commercialisation. Currently based in Montpellier, France with Sanofi-Aventis R&D, Ross manages teams of scientists responsible for preformulation, drug delivery research, early and clinical formulation development, and the development, scale-up and transfer of commercial drug products.

Ross has active interest in the technology and research areas of solubilisation of poorly soluble molecules using amphiphilic excipients and semi-solid oral formulations presented as either liquid filled hard or soft gelatine capsules. In pursuit of these interests Ross has developed a broad knowledge of the application of biopharmaceutical models (in vitro, in silico and in vivo) to the selection of “best enabling formulation” for clinical evaluation.

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